Xbox live not updating 2016

I have a EF950 (main living room) and it's an amazing TV, OLED is the future imo.Even with the brightness really stuck around 600nits (2016 models) I believe that the darker scenes on the OLED outweigh the brightness of the LCD models. Good Guys had it for 36 back in November but maybe the discount can be negotiated down further.A 00 TV you would reasonably expect to last a minimum 3 years without issue So ACL should have your back I didn't get an extended warranty on mine as it was drug money, consumer law will hopefully protect us there If I was buying a 5 65" TV then bad luck but at almost k...I've had great luck with LG in the past I have 2 2006 plasmas I've passed down to the family still running daily and looking great without issue Hey guys, got my LG C6 65 inch.

or Price Match them in a state that doesn't have them at 40 Delivered and get it from MYER for 40 with no gift card using their current 10% promo gift card offer at MYER. I have the 65" C6 I'm running ATV4 PS4 pro and Xbox one s Just a shame it only has 3 hdmi Mines calibrated by Avical Pretty happy with it I'm also running the curved LG soundbar That's the only downside, it sounds shit compared to my previous 65" 4K Sony with magnetic fluid speakers and wireless sub, I can only just barely stand it Only just because it's my bedroom tv But even with the lg soundbar the sound doesn't match the picture quality, I'll be upgrading in the new year to a good soundbar at some stage Well. I just have to remember not to look at anything announced at CES in a month :) Went to HN and got them to match the Bing Lee offer.65E6 for 95 and 65G6 first time I have seen on sale since release at 95.Bing Lee has the 55E6 for 99 with bonus 10% Gift Card 65E6 with 10% bonus gift card and G6 for 99 with bonus 10% Gift Card. I have noticed that every so often the motion of the picture seems to jump in what I can only describe as missing a frame. Anyone using any of these (any model with magic remote) and an Nvidia Shield with Kodi?Or it starts off fine but as soon as the credit start it's zoomed in again and I have to follow the steps above to fix it. Not really that unhappy with my Samsung F8500 64' Plasma, is the OLED that big a step up in PQ ? They had it seperate from the other TVs to "wow people when they come in", which meant I couldn't see it next to an LCD screen.And by zoomed in I mean about 30% of the picture is being cutoff, 15% each side. I don't remember any issues with Stranger Things though. I value true and lifelike motion processing either FTA or via Blu Ray 24P viewing and the Samsung excells at this IMHO. However, the pq and blacks in particular were stunning, and I am sold on them.

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