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In this present resource paper the NCCB Committee on Marriage and Family builds upon the foundation provided by This paper is neither an official statement of the Committee on Marriage and Family nor of the National Conference of Catholic Bishops.

It does not offer formal recommendations for action.

Fellhauer, chairman of the Committee on Canonical Affairs reviewed and recommended changes in the text. Empirical Information About Cohabitation and Marriage Those couples who are in a cohabiting relationship and who come to the Church for marriage preparation represent only a percentage of the total cohabiting population.

Permission is hereby granted to reproduce excerpts in articles or newsletters or for reproduction and free distribution in its entirety.In developing these suggestions we join with many dioceses in turning to free unions, i.e., those unions without any publicly recognized institutional bond, are an increasing concern.He recognizes that various factors can lead a couple into a free union.It is intended as a resource paper, offering a compilation of resources and a reflection of the present "state of the question" regarding certain issues of cohabitation. Couples may engage in sexual intercourse without living together; other couples may share the same residence but not live in a sexual relationship.In this way, it wishes to help: (p.71), the Committee acknowledges a distinction between sexual activity outside of marriage and cohabitation. The focus of this paper, however, is on cohabitation understood as both having a sexual relationship and living together in the same residence.

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  1. In words of appreciation to these young men during the preceding Vigil Mass - at which they had reliably assisted since making their First Communion in 2007 - Fr Pat paid tribute to their good example as 'role models' for younger servers, and to the support and encouragement of their families. So if you want to enjoy the scouting experience, please think about joining us. Mary's on Tues 23rd May, was joined by many priests from the diocese to celebrate Fr Pat's 50 years as a priest.