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I had started puberty before my dad died and I was interested in anything sexual including their sex life.My room was next to theirs so whenever they had sex, I knew.When I got there I saw the preacher and all the deacons cars parked next to moms by the side door.

The next evening, mom was getting ready to go clean the church and she seemed nervous.Me and mom go to church Wednesday nights, Sunday mornings and Sunday nights and we never miss.Our church is governed by Pastor Bob, Deacon Ed, Deacon Ray and Deacon Tom, all in their fifties.Many in the church including my mom, believe God talks directly to Pastor Bob.Deacon Ed is a big man in his early fities who is widowed, Deacon Ray is in his early fifties and his wife is in a nursing home and Deacon Tom is a large dark skinned black man that is single.

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