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The photos on his profile or that he sends to you are lifted from the Internet, modeling catalogues, porno magazines or local neighborhood hotties who are paid a pittance to pose for photos by the scammers.The most notorious gay romance scams come from Ghana, which is particularly loathsome since homosexuality is illegal in that country. A dead give-a-way is when they use the same language and terms of endearment that a straight man would use in wooing a woman.Do the “signatures” (tone, content, English fluency) differ from email to email?If a gang is scamming you they will take turns writing you.If a target is foolhardy enough to fly to Ghana to meet his cyber-lover, he will find himself robbed and beaten to a pulp. Or their graphic sexual dialogue is particularly clumsy (i.e.The target will not even be able to report the crime to the police, because the very fact that he is gay makes him a criminal in the eyes of the law. “Me like to suck.”) The scammers are often arrogant in their ignorance and have a homophobic contempt for gay men.A scammer is sending emails to dozens of targets a day and doesn’t have time to respond to anything complex or thought-provoking.Research the posts on this website, they are full of knowledgable advice and red flags.

Check out profiles where you are and everything that he’s into at a glance.

He may be a freelancer but in all probability the young man DOES NOT EXIST.

He is a character created by a small gang of criminals who take turns writing you emails in atrocious English.

That is why they will sometimes try to ludicrously blackmail an openly gay man in the West. If the photos they send you are of different lads but claiming to be the same person you’ve got them nailed.

Here are some warning signs of which I don’t need to go into much detail because they are the same signs for straight romance scams and you will find a plethora of them on this website as well as others. Also if the photo on the profile is of some lad at the height of physical attraction but the photos they send you are the same lad 5 years older, beware.

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