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Down 17-0, Ole Miss got on the board when Timmy Moffett returned a punt 66 yards for a touchdown with remaining in the first half.

However, the Bulldogs added to their lead after the break, and the Rebels found themselves trailing 23-7 to start the fourth quarter.

As of the 2016 Ole Miss-Mississippi State matchup, Ole Miss holds a 63-43-6 advantage in the all-time series dating back to 1901, and the Rebels hold a 57-26-5 edge in the "Egg Bowl." The following is the background as to how the Ole Miss-Mississippi State football game came to be known as the "Battle of the Golden Egg" or even "The Egg Bowl." Many of the excerpts are reprinted from the book "Mississippi Mayhem," written by WIlliam Banner, III.

1926 Up until the 1926 meeting in Starkville, Ole Miss had only claimed five victories in the previous 23 football contests between the Rebels and Bulldogs.

Intense, heated, unbelievable in its lore, this one is for supremacy of the season.

Bragging rights, recruiting edges and sheer pride are the guts of it.

It is engraved with the score of each year’s game and stands in a place of honor.

The series continues to rotate between campus sites.1995 Ole Miss rode a school-record rushing performance and a stingy second-half deficit to a 13-10 victory over Mississippi State to regain the Egg Bowl Trophy.

Through all their 13 defeats since 1910 (they did not play in 1912, 19) they had only scored in three games, counted just 33 points to A&M’s 327, an average of 25-3. The result was the Golden Egg, a trophy to cool the heat of battle, instituted the following season by joint agreement of the two student bodies.1927 The Golden Egg was first proposed by members of Iota Sigma, an Ole Miss honorary activities fraternity.

As thoughts of last year’s game, Iota Sigma proposed that a trophy be awarded in a dignified ceremony designed to calm excited fans.

The trophy, to be called “The Golden Egg”, would be a regulation-size gold-plated football mounted on a pedestal.

Costs of approximately 0 would be shared by both schools. The joint resolution of the two student bodies declared they agreed on the trophy “in order to effect a better understanding in athletic relations, to foster clean sportsmanship, and to promote a lasting tradition...” A brand-new series between the University of Mississippi and Mississippi A&M College began on Thanksgiving Day, 1927; the first Battle of the Golden Egg.

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