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Today, the Alliance does its work mainly in France, the United States, Morocco and Israel.

It takes an active role in promoting Jewish culture across the world. This exhibition presents a selection of the Hungarian Jewish Archive historic collection of postcards from East-Central Europe and the main destinations of Jewish migration.

This photographic exhibition from the Jewish Museum of Greece in Athens depicts mostly pre-war Jewish life in 12 communities around Greece: Athens, Saloniki, Volos, Larissa, Ioannina, Trikala, Verola, Chalikida, Corfu, Rhodes, Xanthi and Zakynthos.

is a virtual exhibition from the Jewish Museum of Greece in Athens.

Under the National Socialist regime the library was renamed ‘The Library for Modern Languages and Music’ and every effort was made to erase the name of the philanthropist Rothschild family.

The extensive collection was preserved, however, and still serves today as an indispensable academic resource.

Each object tells a story about the history of the Jewish community in Britain from medieval to modern times.

The themes include: working lives and trades, family life and home, growing up, military service, religious life and politics.

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The exhibition will show this presence in the manner that has never been shown before – in the historical context but without formulating superficial evaluations and opinions.

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