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We believe it is critical to serve all domestic violence (DV) survivors.

Over the course of American history, the most commonly observed age of consent was 10 years.

Gratian, a canon lawyer in the 12th century, stated that consent could not take place before 7 years of age.

The English government eventually decided on age of 12 for women as their limitation.

In 1880, 37 states had an age of consent of 10 years while 10 states kept an age of consent at 12, and Delaware maintained its age of consent at seven years, having lowered it from 10 in 1871.

In the late-19th century, a "social purity movement" composed of Christian feminist reform groups began advocating a raise in the age of consent to 16, with the goal of raising it ultimately to 18, and by 1920 almost all states had raised their age of consent to 16 or 18.

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We can work together to create individual, institutional, and cultural change.

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