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To do this, right-click the drive and choose the option to decrypt from the contextual menu.Once your password is supplied, the drive will begin the decryption process, which may take a few hours to complete, but when done, should reduce the layers of complexity through which OS X will access your data.If your drive is a special RAID array or other setup that requires custom driver software, then be sure you have both it and your drive’s firmware updated to the latest versions.Format your drive Granted this last approach is the last resort option, but is an often-overlooked detail.A fault in OS X may exist for some users, where external drives unexpectedly eject and cause the system to display a “Disk ejected improperly” warning message.This usually occurs when the system is idling, such as when it is asleep, but at times may happen in the middle of file transfers or when browsing the drive for various files.As a result, the first step in tackling this problem is to try various combinations for managing power and connections: Despite these approaches, you may find a drive will continue to eject, but when the same drive is attached to another Mac or to a PC, then it will be stable and not show the same random behavior.If this is the case with your Mac, then unfortunately the problem may be in a nuance bug with OS X that has yet to be extinguished.

For the purposes of this review, I have a 2nd Generation Drobo (current retail is between 9 and 9) and am using the USB 2.0 connection to my PC.

Uninstall drive management tools and drivers OS X contains all of the drivers and services needed for accessing and mounting a locally-attached hard drive, so for the most part, hard drives you use with your Mac should not require any third-party drivers.

Despite this, they sometimes ship with drivers that manufacturers recommend you install.

Even if you have already formatted your drive, problems may have cropped up that are not being detected by Disk Utility’s drive verification routines.

These can be with the formatting, but also with some nuance configuration file or two that OS X stores on the drive, which may be the root of the error.

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